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cPanel – A script to fix file and folder permissions in cPanel

suPHP and FastCGI require files and folders to have a specific set of permissions/ownership different from other handlers. Without these permissions set correctly you will see a lot of errors such as: “403 Forbidden”, “500 Internal Server Error”, or simply generic errors that commonly have the word ‘permission’ in them.

How to free up disk space on a cPanel server

Filling up of the Disk space is very common in case of a server especially when you are selling hosting services. If the disk usage is not properly monitored, one of the partitions may get 100% full and may cause issues with the server. Here are a few simple tricks to freeing up disk space on your cPanel server to help maximize your server’s potential.

How to secure cPanel server from SSLV3 Poodle Vulnerability?

On Oct 14th Google published details of an SSL 3.0 vulnerability, which allows an attacker to secure session through a man-in-the-middle attack. Support for SSL 3.0 is available in all popular mail, ftp and web clients, which makes all your clients vulnerable to an exploit based on this bug. Since SSL 3.0 is an 18 year old obsolete technology, we recommend it to be disabled in all cPanel servers.

Here is a quick script for you to check if your cPanel/WHM server is vulnerable. Execute the following as root. If you get ANY cipher output, your server can be considered vulnerable.Read More »How to secure cPanel server from SSLV3 Poodle Vulnerability?

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